PSA conducts 2023 Updating of List of Establishments, 2022 Census of Agriculture and Fisheries Non-Households in May to July 2023

Date of Release: May 10, 2023

Reference No. 2023-011


PSA data collector conducts computer-assisted personal interview with an establishment owner in Nabas, Aklan


The Philippine Statistics Authority Aklan simultaneously conducts the field operation for the 2023 Updating of List of Establishments (ULE) and its rider, 2022 Census of Agriculture and Fisheries (CAF) for Non-Households starting May and expected to end in July this year.

The ULE, which is conducted every 6 years, involves the door-to-door canvassing and updating of the basic characteristics of previously-enumerated business establishments and adding newly-captured businesses qualified for listing in the whole province.

It entails to gather data, among others, business name, registered name, business tax identification number, address, economic activities, total and paid employment, total assets, main office, branches, financial support/aid received, maximum farm capacity, inventory of livestock and poultry animals and other relevant data.

Meanwhile, the CAF for Non-Households is a data gathering of basic information of the agriculture and fisheries activities of all establishments and organizations with agriculture, aquaculture, and fishing operations.

This involves collecting information on the farm, number of parcels, type of crops planted, area planted and harvested, urban gardening, maximum farm capacity and inventory of livestock and/or poultry animals raised, characteristics of aquafarm, fishing vessels, fishing ground, agricultural or fishery workers, machineries and equipment used, technical and financial support and assistance received, and challenges/problems encountered.

These undertakings primarily aim to generate sampling frames for the various enterprise-based and agriculture/fishery statistical surveys, and provide limited range of key structural data items for national and local-level policy-making and development programs, agricultural and fishery sampling frame development, research and data analyses, and international data comparisons.

Moreover, 13 hired data collectors were deployed to conduct personal interviews using tablet to the projected 6,942 operational business enterprises and 53 identified non-household entities engaged in agriculture and fisheries present in all barangays of Aklan.

Respondents may also opt to answer the questionnaire either online, printed copy, or the pdf-fillable questionnaire.

The conduct of such activity is authorized by the Republic Act No. 10625, where all data furnished by the respondents shall be kept strictly confidential as stipulated in Section 26.

The data shall be used for statistical purposes only and not be used in any court undertakings or taxation wherein the published data are in summary form or tables with no reference to any individual, corporation, association, partnership or any organization.

PSA Aklan would like to enjoin the public to support the 2023 ULE and 2022 CAF Non-Households through their cooperation and response to the statistical inquiries and collaboratively contribute to the success of these major endeavors of the office.


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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

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