Capiz Construction Statistics from Approved Building Permits (January – June 2019)

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019 - 22:00
The number of approved building permits reported by the local building officials in the different municipalities of Capiz during the first semester of 2019 reached 290. This total represents a decrease of fifty nine (59) permits or 16.9 percent compared to 349 permits collected in the second semester of 2018.
However, the total construction value tremendously increased to P 1,670,794,000 from P 801,226,000 or by 108.5 percent while the total floor area increased by 50.9 percent from 69,964 to 105,576 square meters. There is an increase of 5.8 percent or sixteen (16) permits higher compared to 274 permits over the same period of 2018. Consequently, increases tremendously in the total value was observed from P 636,788,000 to P 1,670,794,000 a year ago or by 162.4 percent while the total floor area also increased by 55.4 percent from 67,924 to 105,576 square meters.
In terms of type of construction, majority were residential buildings with 179 building permits covering 31,161 square meters floor area and valued at
P315,941,000. The remaining 111 permits were for non-residential or commercial buildings with 74,415 square meters floor area with construction cost amounting to P 1,354,853,000. This converts to an average cost of P 15,825.00 per square meter, higher by 73.8 percent from P 9,107.00 per square meter in the same period of 2018. This increase can be attributed from the increase in the prices of construction materials and the cost of labor.
June recorded the highest total number of building constructions in Capiz
The month of June recorded the highest number of approved building permits collected at 67 permits that is more than 23 percent of the total registered permits in the province. This was followed by the months of April, January, and March which total tallied to 51 permits, 47 permits; and 46 permits respectively.
The month of May registered the lowest number of approved building permit document at thirty five (35) documents as can be seen in the comparative
presentation of the number building permits collection in the previous page. In terms of construction cost, the month of June also registered the highest total cost of P1,097,926,000.00 that is about 66 percent of the total amount recorded for the whole semester. The tremendous increase resulted mainly from the full swing construction of SM City Mall in the city. This was followed by the months of February, March and January which total tallied to P142,393,000.00; P141,200,000.00; and P117,989,000.00, respectively.
The month of May recorded the lowest total cost P81,356,000 as can be seen in the representation of total cost of collected approved building permits.
Total construction costs escalated to 1.67 billion pesos in the third quarter In the number of building permits collected by quarter, it
reveals that the second quarter of the first semester recorded the highest number of approved building permit with 153. Consequently, in terms of the total floor area, the second quarter also registered the highest total of 71,110 square meters that is, more than 67 percent of the total floor area recorded for the province. Subsequently, a higher total construction value of P1,269,212,000 was registered.
Explanatory Notes
The generation of construction statistics from approved building permits in the province covers the sixteen municipalities and the sole city in Capiz issuing building permits for the construction of residential structures and non-residential or commercial structures either addition; renovations and repairs; demolitions; and other constructions not elsewhere mentioned.
The residential building are further classified as single, duplex penthouse or accesoria while non-residential or commercial building constructions are classified as commercial buildings, industrial buildings, institutional buildings and other types of constructions.
The commercial building includes bank, store, hotel/motel, office condominium/business office building, restaurant, shop, gasoline station, market
dormitory or other lodging house and others. The industrial buildings are classified as factory/plant, repair shop/machine shop, refinery, printing press, warehouse, etc.
The institutional building construction includes school, church and other religious structured, welfare and charitable structures, theater, auditorium, gymnasium, court and others. Agricultural structures are barns, poultry house, grain mill and others.
The Statistics generated from approved building permits are the basis of estimates of the level of construction activity useful in the computation of national income accounts, and indicators on the level of investment in the country. As such the data is invaluable in analyzing present economic conditions and past developments, forecasting future trends and making policy decisions.
The statistics from approved building permits provide monthly data on building construction at the municipal level nationwide. These statistics includes total number of construction, total floor area, type of building, and total value of construction.